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Bringing People Together

Community is a big part of the Plan.

Over the next few months we will be looking to deliver a number of community projects.

Some potential examples:

1. Set up a community website.

2. Set up a volunteer Befriending Scheme to support older people in the community.

3. Arrange more courses and events for people to enjoy.

4. Relocate and improve the recycling facilities.

5. Explore the feasibility of setting up a Men's Shed.

6. Raise awareness of the locations of the defibrillators in the area.

7.Seek funding for staff at the Community Centres and DCL.

8.Arrange for the mobile library to come to town and promote the DCL lending library.

9.Advocate for mobile banking to come to Dunkineely or for an ATM.

If you want experience of doing any of the above, or just want to get involved let us know.

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