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Old Killaghtee Church

Part of the Adopt A Monument Scheme

We have completed a Conservation Report  and are now seeking funds for renovation.

 Some great news; the Killaghtee Cross is in better condition than we feared!

McSwyne's Castle

Having completed a Conservation Report there is bad news.

The ocean is likely reclaim the castle at some point in the next forty years. Even with sea defences, which would be very expensive, the life of the castle would only be extended a few years.

We are therefore turning our attention towards conserving the memory of the castle and the people who lived ther.

DCL 10 Year's in the Community

Last year we celebrated 10 years in the community at the Killaghtee Festival.

Keep an eye on this website for dates of new evets such as Killaghtee Festival 2023, Christmas events and St Patrick's Parades.

Find out more here.

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Joining up the Community

Keeping the Community and Visitors informed

Helping the Community

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