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Dunkineely Community Ltd

Dunkineely Community Ltd has been serving the local community of Dunkineely, Killaghtee, Bruckless and the surrounding areas, since 2012. We are primarily funded through grants, although we do offer services such as courses, printing, internet access on a non-prifit basis.

We are a not for profit organisation with the following stated ambitions:

  • To bring our community together

  • To provide educational growth

  • To provide economic growth

  • To provide social growth

  • To provide spiritual growth, and

  • To build a positive future for our area

In 2018 we successfully sought a grant of €120,000 to update and renovate the Dunkineely Community Centre, where we are now based. We offer help and advice on local issues at this office, as well as printing, photocopying, internet access and more.

Opening Times:

We are not affiliated with any individual faith, group or organisation, but rather work with everyone in the community.

  • We facilitate educational growth through running courses.

  • We facilitate economic growth through the restoration projects. This will help to boost tourism in our locality, with the beneficial knock on effects for B&Bs, shops, restaurants, and employment.

  • We facilitate social growth by providing occasion for interactions and the building of relationships between people; we do this through the services we provide at the office, the courses we run, and the restoration projects.

  • We facilitate spiritual growth in the following manner. People’s religious beliefs are the province of the churches; this might be looked upon as ‘Vertical Spirituality’, that is belief in and relationship with a deity. DCL’s province, in this regard, could be looked upon as ‘Horizontal Spirituality’, that is, belief in and relationship with people; belief in their potential, talents, abilities, and all their good qualities. Belief in, and encouragement of, other people is a powerful thing.


In our own small way, through the things mentioned above, we are contributing to ‘building a positive future for our area’.

We are proud to say we have worked with and continue to work with a whole range of sponsors and partners.

Monday - Thursday


Saturday - Sunday

9:00am to 1:00pm

9:00am to 12:30pm


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